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Arctic- The Complete Set

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[marble makeup brushes] - Unite Brushes

The Complete Set includes all ten of our premium quality, cruelty free make up brushes. This set is ideal for anyone from beginner to professional to create any make up look. The full set includes;

Fluffy powder brush- A large, loosely packed brush to flawlessly apply setting powders and bronzers.

Flat buffing brush - A densely packed, flat top buffing brush will apply powder foundations to perfection.

Slanted buffing brush- Apply cream and liquid foundations with precision using this brush.

Tapered brush- use the tapered tip of this brush to perfectly place cream or powder contour or highlight.

Flat foundation brush- smooth on liquid foundations or buff in concealer.

Fluffy crease brush- seamlessly blend shadow into the crease with this fluffy blending brush.

Packing shadow brush- pack shadow onto the lid with this dense, flat brush, dampen the brush for added shadow intensity.

Precision shadow brush- highlight the inner corner of the eye and brow bone with this smaller, flat packing brush.

Slanted liner brush- apply powder or cream liner close to the lash line, create the perfect wing, or fill in your brows with this slanted brush.

Detailed brush- blend shadow on the lower lash line or smoke out the upper lash line with this precise, tapered brush, or you can use to create a precise lip line.

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